Hockley Pattern & Tool excels with Verisurf

Hockley has been at heart of the UK tooling manufacturing industry for over 25 years, supplying high-quality tools domestically and internationally to a variety of major aerospace and automotive manufacturers and their supply chains.
Hockley recognised that to be competitive within these markets you must set yourself apart from the average machine shops, therefore invested in advanced machining and inspection capabilities.
A key part of this advancement was the selection of Verisurf software for their in-process controls and final tooling buy off.
The decision was based on the ease of use and powerful ‘live build’ functionality for all the portable metrology devices including their Romer Arms, Faro Trackers and scanning technologies.
Verisurf is a flagship software metrology product used worldwide by aerospace, automotive and general manufacturers to control product manufacture from design to completion.
It continues to pioneer the ‘digital blueprint’ (MBD) and sets the standard for CAD-based metrology software for FAIR’s. Verisurf is the singular platform product for all portable metrology devices, manual and automated CMM’s with full reverse engineering and CAD solid modelling in one package.
          Gareth Williams Director of Hockley
“Verisurf has given us a competitive advantage by reducing our manufacturing timescales and providing a clear insight into our quality procedures. It is now an integral part of our business and provides our customers with assurance of a quality product.”
          Paul Squire Engineering Manager
“It has been a game changer for us by providing not only clear and decisive tooling verification but live digital tooling setup and positioning for advance tooling applications in our aerospace department.”
          Robin Walton Quality Manager
“Verisurf has truly raised our quality control levels and has a unique set of application tools that speed up our tooling inspection. We also use the reverse engineering modules and integrated CAD and solid modeller to produce surface models direct from our scanner. The colour error mapping and labelling is outstanding and allows us to confirm the accuracy of our work in real time. I would recommend Verisurf to any tooling and component producer.”
Hockley’s tooling capabilities require precision yet flexibility. This is where the laser tracker truly comes into its own. The portable laser tracker is an ideal companion for any tooling facility and Hockley is no exception. They rely heavily on the high accuracy of the device over large distances, anyway within the engineering facility.
Hockley not only utilise the trackers for dimensional controls but with Verisurf’s powerful live tool build interface a number additional functions can be performed. 
  • Intermediate setup inspection for machining datum establishment to optimise the machining process.
  • In process positioning of ancillary components on tooling assemblies with live guided adjustment.
  • Tooling point clarification and positional controls.
  • Off-site verification and inspection on larger in process tooling build items.
  • The ability to live build reverse engineered CAD especially when carried out off-site. Enabling customer confidence in raw tooling data prior to final machining.
Verisurf's development team relies on its engineering know how but takes on board what the day to day user says about the product. It prides itself on delivering products that make sense to the clients.

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