Metrology UK have been specializing in alignment techniques for over a decade.We have developed unique measurement solutions for some of the most challenging applications. Utilizing the latest laser metrology no application is beyond our capability.

Maritime Services

  • Structural Layout 
  • Portable Machining 
  • Levelling & Alignment
  • ROV deployment alignment
  • Winch alignment

Power Generation

  • Distortion Analysis 
  • Half Joint Evaluation 
  • Centerline Evaluation

Heavy Industry

  • Bore and Shaft Alignment 
  • Structural Deviation 
  • Dynamic Evaluation


Centerline Services

  • Drive Centerlines
  • Bearing positioning
  • Sturntube & Rudder evaluation


Laser Leveling & Chocking Services

  • Epocast Levelling Products
  • Laser Alignment 
  • Structural footprint evaluation


For more Information about our solutions and services or to discuss your requirements please feel free to contact us at any time.