Verisurf Reverse provides a complete suite of tools for the re-engineering process. Combined with one of our scanning hardware solutions direct measurements captured within Verisurf can be converted to fully function surface or solid models with the singular platform. 

With an on board CAD modelling package Verisurf unique capabilities can tackle the most challenging projects and applications.

Powerful, versatile reverse engineering software.

Re-engineer CAD surfaces, use AutoSurface to reverse engineer complex surfaces or use mixed modeling to blend STL meshes, surfaces and solids in one design. Working with measured data from any measuring device, Verisurf Reverse automatically creates surfaces, features and planar, grid or radial cross sections on machined parts to create precise CAD models.

Leveraging advanced tools, Verisurf Reverse creates and custom-fits lines, arcs, splines, planes, spheres, cylinders, freeform surfaces and more. Providing a fully integrated, comprehensive solution, Reverse also creates meshes from point clouds in the form of an STL file for surface analysis or future tooling and machining.

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