Get More from your CMM's.

What are the benefits offered by EasyCMM to CMM users?

  • Easy CMM enables you to purchase CMMs and metrology software products independently.                 You are free to select both systems based on your choice- technological, financial or otherwise; 
  • You can use one standard metrology software for different CMM brands, decreasing the costs of operator training and increasing the flexibility of staff deployment; your gain - cost-effectiveness and production efficiency; 
  • You can use different metrology software packages on one CMM without having to buy or set apart a separate CMM for each software product; your gain - reduced investment and maintenance costs and increased work flexibility; 
  • You can shift different metrology software packages among different CM Ms; you are free to change combinations to best suit the application; your gain - maximum CMM productivity; You can expand or upgrade the software without having to bear the expenses of rewriting part programs; your gain - major savings in both time and manpower; 
  • You can retrofit CMMs/CMM controllers without having to bear any extra work or costs; you will still be able to run the existing part programs using the existing software; your gain - Easy CMM will take over and do the matching work.

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