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Measurement  Services to make processes easier

We deliver onsite measuring  services to transform your manufacturing environment.

Game-changing 3D measurement solutions

          Expert 3D measurement services here to bolster efficiency,
improve quality assurance and lower costs.

Innovative reverse engineering  solutions

Streamline the manufacturing process and bring complex designs to life with reverse engineering.

Cutting-edge 3D scanning solutions

Revolutionise the 3D measurement experience with EinScanHX and FreeScanUE handheld 3D scanning technology.

Simple, supportive and effective solutions to solve your metrology dilemmas

At Metrology UK, we provide the latest measurement solutions and services to some of the most challenging applications. We offer a vast array of metrology solutions and metrology services, covering all your requirements.
No assignment is too great for us. Whether you’re looking for a simple 3D scanning service or a complex CMM or portable arm or laser tracker solution, we’ll work closely with you to deliver the outcome you expect and demand.
Our decades of experience in the manufacturing sectors also enables us to advise on the best possible measuring services and deliver quality solutions every time.
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Discover our state-of-the-art metrology systems and services

Portable arm & Laser tracker systems, universal CMM solutions and 3D scanning technology.
We offer it all and lots more too.
Our expert measurement solutions are designed for precise quality practices across multiple industries to minimise complications and simplify your quality manufacturing process.
With implementations across industrial fields including aerospace, automotive and general manufacturing, there are no bounds to the potential of our state-of-the-art metrology solutions.
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Metrology Software

Looking to unlock the potential within your engineering applications and hardware? Our metrology software is the answer.

Even with the most basic measurement solutions, let alone our most sophisticated measurement platforms, the potential productivity gains are astonishing.

Here is a sneak-peak of our leading software solutions:

Verisurf - Market leading measurement platform for all you metrology needs.

EasyCMM - Drive your CMM with your choice of software.

Mastercam - The world's largest CAD/CAM solution with Intergrated Inspection.

QuickSurface - Dynamic surfacing for your reverse enginnering tasks.

Metrology Hardware

Trusty, precise hardware solutions remain the bread-and-butter of the metrology world. Yet, times are changing and these solutions are evolving.

You may be looking for the latest innovations or something to simplify your process. Whatever the case, our experienced team of metrology engineers will match the right solution to your application and budget – no matter the industry.

We have lots of experience in installing and providing the following hardware solutions:

·  3D gages
·  CMM solutions
·  Laser trackers
·  Peel scanners
·  Portable measuring arm solutions
·  RetrofitCMM technology
·  Universal software solutions for CMMs

·  Handheld scanners
·  Laser trackers
·  CMM Solutions
·  Portable measuring arm solutions
·  Retrofit CMM technology
·  Universal software solutions for CMMs

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Metrology Services

From the frosty islands of Scotland to the sandy beaches of Cornwall, we provide expert onsite measurement services and consultation for your measurement applications.
With an unrivalled professional engineering background, we set ourselves apart by providing a whole range of specialist metrology services. These include:

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Why companies trust us to deliver great measurement services

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With decades of experience, our expert metrology engineers have deployed pioneering measurement solutions across a whole host of industries. We can use this knowledge to meet any complex specifications.

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As the demand for quality manufacturing continues to grow, we’re always innovating to deliver better quality solutions in the most challenging environments. Our expertise and passion for metrology help us achieve this.

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Need a bespoke metrology solution without paying over the odds? With Metrology UK, we’ll take the weight off your shoulders with expert guidance and innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

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We believe in the power of collaboration and customer service. That’s why our expert metrology engineers are always on hand to support you throughout the process and beyond.

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