Extend your 3D design and manufacturing curriculum with the 3DGage. Implement lean model-based inspection

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Provide high-quality technical education for your students in metrology vitals

To compete in today’s global economy, your workforce or students need to be technically educated in quality assurance, portable metrology, manufacturing inspection, geometric dimensioning & tolerancing, and reverse engineering processes.
3DGage can help you to widen your curriculum and training to accommodate these areas. This portable CMM powered by Verisurf enables you to produce real improvements in production, reduce costs and inspire the next generation of measurement experts.
You’ll also be able to instantly expand your STEM programme to support a more complete product development and manufacturing lifecycle.
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Make the most of the 3DGage reverse engineering tool

The 3DGage caters for all of your reverse engineering, education and training needs. Far from simply being a great training tool for your students to expand their 3D measurement knowledge, the 3DGage reverse engineering 3D scanner brings many other benefits.
The benefits of the 3DGage  

Easy to use functionality and affordable.

Lightweight, making it easily transportable.

International power supply and plug and USB connectivity for transportability.

Exceptional dimensional positional accuracy of +/- 0.23 mm (0.009 in).

Optional training sessions to get you up to speed with the equipment.

3DGage specifications and features

Hardware Specifications
Standard: Assembled from a precision machined aluminium base and joints with carbon fibre tubing, the Standard 3DGage Portable CMM minimises temperature effects. At only 3.6kg (7.9lb) in weight, its international power supply and plug, as well as play USB connectivity, it is incredibly portable. It boasts a hemispherical working diameter of 1.27m (50 in) and an exceptional dimensional positional accuracy of +/- 0.23 mm (0.009 in).
 Extra Long Reach Option: Perfect for measuring larger items, the increased reach stretches the total hemispherical measurement diameter to 1.67m (66 in).
High Precision Option: For applications requiring higher accuracy measurements, the high precision option is recommended. The reinforced base and joints reduce deflection and increase accuracy.
Work Sphere
Two Dimensional Single Point Accuracy Test
CMM Weight
Standard (STD)
.63 m (25 in)
1.27 m (50 in)
+/- 0.23 mm
(0.009 in)
3.6 kg (7.9 lb)
Extra Long (XL)
.84 m (33 in)
1.67 m (66 in)
+/- 0.30 mm
(0.012 in)
4.1 kg (9.0 lb)
High Precision
.63 m (25 in)
1.27 m (50 in)
+/- 0.0508 mm
(0.002 in)
5.4 kg (12.0 lb)
Extra Long High Precision
.84 m (33 in)
1.67 m (66 in)
+/- 0.0762 mm
(0.003 in)
6.0 kg (13.3 lb)
Universal Power Supply 100-240  V AC, 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature 15° C  to 35° C (59° F to 95° F)
Storage Temperature 20° C  to 70° C (-4° F to 158° F)
Operating Humidity 10-90%  non-condensing
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Standard Accessories:

·  Set-up guide
·  3DGage hardware manual
·  Master3DGage machined and anodised aluminium training part
·  International Power Supply with Cable
·  USB Cable
·  Measurement switch with cable
·   Standard probe kit (6mm Master, 6mm Working, 3mm Working, Point Probes, Change Tool, and 15mm Extension
·  Calibration fixture

 Optional Accessories:

·   Verisurf Coordinate Metrology Software
  - NIST Tested  - PTB Certification

·   Rugged wheeled case

·   Training classes

·    Factory calibration & certificate

·   Optional probes; 1mm, 2mm, & 5mm ruby probes

Learn more about the capabilities of the 3DGage

Want to know how you can best implement the 3DGage in your shop? Get in touch with one of Metrology UK’s experts or request a quote today.
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