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Over 30 years of industry experience in delivering metrology services and software and hardware solutions.

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First in class metrology software and 3D scanning solutions

Since 2009, Metrology UK has been working alongside our clients to offer the best metrology solutions in the industry. Using everything from 3D aerial mapping and scanning to installing the best quality metrology software products, we’ve helped them advance their quality processes and boost productivity.
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Putting customers first

Metrology UK has continued to develop its product solutions to meet the increasing demand for quality manufacturing. Our dedicated team use client suggestions and feedback to ensure that our metrology solutions support them in every way possible, extending the products capabilities to meet future needs.

“Metrology for me is not a job, it’s a passion. I take on each project with new clients with the same vigour and enthusiasm, to get the right solution to fit their needs” –James Barnes, Founder of Metrology UK.

We’re focused on providing personalised services and solutions to our clients. We always strive to provide them with independent advice on established and emerging technologies so that they find the right solution.

Our people

Metrology UK’s founder, James Barnes, has been involved in manufacturing and engineering for over three decades, covering a vast array of applications and managing some outstanding projects from the land through to space.

His expertise in manufacturing and quality metrology systems focused on the aerospace and automotive markets have taken him around the world.
"Our professional team focus on customer requirements but also help guide them with our knowledge of application"

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Our partners

Metrology UK partners with many companies to provide the best metrology solutions. These include but aren’t imited to Verisurf, Easycmm, Mastercam, Shining3D and FineAlign.

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Find out how Metrology UK can fulfil your metrology needs by speaking to a member of the team. We’re here to provide bespoke, expert advice, support and innovation.