Geophysical Survey Services

Locate and scale at high speed for any geo-measurement or archaeological investigations.

Ray Elledge – Educational Director
“This solution has helped our educators in the schools and universities to provide students with CMM programming skills that would normally be unaffordable.”

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Efficient, precise and cost-effective geophysical survey services

From non-invasive geographical measurements to large scale archaeological investigations, our geophysical surveys are completed efficiently, accurately, and cost-effectively.
Whether you need a geographical investigation for prior submission or to meet further conditions of a planning application, Metrology UK has the solution.

How we can help

At Metrology UK, our expert team of technical staff use the latest in advanced geophysical equipment to deliver effective and unintrusive ground surveys. These surveys reveal vital geographical characteristics and provide historical context to any potential archaeological site.
Our background in precision measurement naturally transfers to the emergence of detailed data capture. Using an advanced array of laser scanning technologies and 3D visualisation processes, we provide details, data, and reports for any assessment or conclusions.

Here is a list of geophysical capabilities we offer:

• Ground magnetometry studies
• Aerial surveys
• Elevation Maps
• RTK Position Layouts
• Top surface artefact detection
• GIS data plans

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Archaeological Support Services

• GPS / RTK surveying & layout
• Topographic & elevation mapping
• Artefact laser scanning

Metrology - support service

How CMM Master works

Why choose Metrology UK?

Our team of experts are experts in geophysical, aerial, and advanced scanning technologies.
Over the years, we’ve helped research teams attain crucial details and data for all types of archaeological investigations.
We understand the significance of surveying archaeological sites. We can provide valuable insights into our history and help realise cultural ties to our past. Our detailed and reliable results are all presented concisely to help our clients develop a systematic understanding of each geophysical survey.

Learn more about our geophysical survey services

If you require expert, non-invasive geophysical surveyance services, then please contact Metrology UK for more information.
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