Portable measuring arms

Providing tactile only solutions to advanced scanning applications with state-of-the-art measurement arms

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In-depth application knowledge and extraordinary experience in PCMM technology

At Metrology UK, we use our portable arm expertise to provide the ideal hardware solutions to meet your requirements. You can rest assured that we know what works best for your projects and processes.
Portable arms are essential to a flexible measurement process. Allowing you to take measurements on the machine or the shop floor, you can take readings wherever is convenient for you.
Feature inspection to CAD
Free-form surface inspection to CAD
Reverse engineering
Measure confined spaces
Dimensional analysis
On-machine inspection
Tool and fixture alignment
First article inspection

Benefit from the ingenuity of portable arm technology

Portable measuring arms contribute an incredibly high-quality service and high-precision measurements to your metrology processes. From a quick analysis in the manufacturing environment to its phenomenal performance capabilities, reap the rewards of this measurement solution.
Over the years, these high-performance convenient probe & laser systems have become an indispensable piece of metrology hardware across all industries.
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The benefits of portable measuring arms

·  PCMMs allow you to diagnose issues faster and problem-solve accordingly

·  They improve the quality of the product and process, with fewer part defects too

·  The large range of measurement arm sizes allows you accurately measure even the largest or most confined areas.

·  Its portability means that it can be used anywhere in the manufacturing process

·   Many have Bluetooth functionality or have wireless integration technologies. So, you can complete measurement tasks wire-free.

·  With careful and regular calibration means, you can enjoy your machine for years to come.

·  You can benefit from higher accuracy of the probe during the alignment phase of measurement with seven-axis or six-axis articulating arms.
·  Whether you are looking for tactile or scanning combination, these devices form part of a robust quality process.

Portable Measuring Arms on offer at Metrology UK

Romer arm
The Romer arm makes high-accuracy portable measurement effortless. It’s all in the design– every part is crafted with practicality, usability and stability in mind.Made by manufacturers with over 35 years of experience in developing articulated measuring arms, the Romer arm combines a clear picture of the future of portable metrology with the features that users have always wanted to see.
Faro arm
FaroPortable CMM arms have established PCMMs as an integral part of quality in today's manufacturing environments. The latest offering, the Quantum Series, offers scalable models for tactile only and high-end scanning. Yet, our software solutions present the best-in-class performance for old legacy devices through to newer Faro technology. So, your old Faro-arm will always be up to date with the latest hardware updates.
RPS arm
The RPSMetrology EVO Series arms are setting the standard for the new generation of articulated measurement arms. This portable CMM arm delivers incredibly fast and accurate3D inspection, directly in the workshop. What’s more, RPS arms don’t require lengthy training, calibrations or warm-up time. The RPS arm is lightweight in structure and made in carbon fibre, aluminium, titanium and other quality composite materials.
 The newPC-based Master3DGage portable CMM arm system uses precise, 3D model-based software to quickly and accurately verify part quality directly on a CNC machine or anywhere else in the manufacturing process. And there’s no metrology experience needed. Just align the part, inspect it, and report it. You’ll find those first article inspections that used to take hours or days now take just minutes.
Easy and affordable for reverse engineering, education and training. The 3DGage extends your technical education program to support a more complete product development and manufacturing lifecycle. The 3DGage extends your 3Ddesign and manufacturing curriculum and training to include modern quality assurance, portable Metrology, manufacturing inspection, geometric dimensioning & tolerancing and reverse engineering.

Learn more about portable measuring arms for your business

Unsure of which portable CMM arm is right for your company? Get in touch with the team today to discuss your specific environments or request a quote.
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