3D Scanning and Inspection Suite

Verisurf software 3D Scanning and Inspection Suite can use any device to quickly inspect anything with probing, tracking, or scanning technology

Collin Cairns Program CMM
“We provide CMM programs and CMM inspections services all over the UK and Ireland. We needed a method of producing programs from Mitutoyo MCOSMOS but on a Hexagon DEA CMM. Metrology UK provided a remarkable solution in the shape of EasyCMM. This allowed us to produce the requirement without any hardware changes and allowed us to jump between software applications on the same machine as requirements change.”

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Carry out quick inspections and produce faster results with the Verisurf 3D Scanning and Inspection Suite

Verisurf 3D Scanning and Inspection Suite combines Verisurf CAD, Analysis, and Measure modules to achieve the very best inspection processes and performance. Identifying any file format through expert CAD-based technology, this state-of-the-art metrology software can be integrated into any portable CMM device.
A Windows-standard graphical interface can also design colour coded deviation plots between measured and nominal CAD nonconformance.

The benefits and features of Verisurf CMM Programming and Inspection Suite

Metrology - Flexible Fitting reduces icon

Flexible fitting reduces any scrap, waste, or rework

Metrology - Automated best fit icon

Automated best-fit to improve overall conformance

Metrology - Colour report icon

Sophisticated colour coded reports

Metrology - CMM device icon

Applicable to use on any CMM device

Metrology - Fast feature, inspection icon

Fast features for aligning, inspection, and reports

Metrology - 2D and 3D Measure icon

The ability to measure any 2D or 3D feature type

metrology - Reusable icon

Reusable plans enabled by intelligent memorisation capabilities

metrology -CAD format  icon

Compare build to any CAD format

metrology - MOD icon

Complete importation and annotation for MOD and GD&T

Verisurf 3D Scanning and Inspection Suite includes these modules:

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For complete confidence and renewed capability in 3D scanning and inspection, invest in the Verisurf 3D Scanning and Inspection Suite. Please contact Metrology UK today for further information.