CMM Programming and Inspection Suite

The Verisurf software CMM Programming and Inspection Suite is designed with all attributes to build, monitor, edit, preview, and drive inspection on any CNC CMM device.

Collin Cairns Program CMM
“We provide CMM programs and CMM inspections services all over the UK and Ireland. We needed a method of producing programs from Mitutoyo MCOSMOS but on a Hexagon DEA CMM. Metrology UK provided a remarkable solution in the shape of EasyCMM. This allowed us to produce the requirement without any hardware changes and allowed us to jump between software applications on the same machine as requirements change.”

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Complete inspection plan set up in minutes and with ease

The Verisurf CMM programming and Inspection Suite includes Verisurf Measure, CAD and Automate modules for revolutionary navigation capabilities. Gain complete control over your CMM CNC device with integrated point and click controls and a visual feedback interface.
Simply drag and drop to enjoy every possibility with revolutionary probe motion and automation features.
Through Verisurf’s adaptive universal software, you can program and integrate most CMM CNC machines.
This also includes 5 axis programming support for Revo & PH20.

The benefits and features of Verisurf CMM Programming and Inspection Suite

Metrology - Controlled Indexing icon

Complete probe motion and controlled indexing

Metrology - Drag and Drop Inspection icon

Drag and Drop inspection technology

Metrology - Real time icon

Probe editing in real-time

Metrology - Pattern icon

Probe pattern capabilities for any profile, model, or feature

Metrology -  real-time probe motion visual feedback icon

On-screen real-time probe motion visual feedback

Metrology - Relocate control icon

Collision detection and avoidance

Metrology - Multi-task icon

Multi-task capabilities including creating plans while the process runs

CMM support

The Verisurf CMM Programming and Inspection Suite also include Universal CMM with an I++ interface to support both proprietary and standards-based communication protocols. The Universal CMM allows Verisurf only software to be integrated within any CMM device eliminating any additional expense.

Software options complementary options for CMM Programming & Inspection

Learn more about Verisurf CMM Programming and Inspection Suite

If you want complete integrated controls of any CMM or CNC, use the Verisurf CMM Programming and Inspection Suite. Please contact Metrology UK for further information.
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