FreeScan UE Pro

Multi-Functional Laser Handheld 3D Scanner

Ray Elledge – Educational Director
“This solution has helped our educators in the schools and universities to provide students with CMM programming skills that would normally be unaffordable.”

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FreeScan UE Pro

FreeScan UE Pro Inherits the high-precision, metrology-grade accuracy, and lightweight design of FreeScan UE, while improving the ability of fine scanning and global precision control of large-scale workpiece scanning. It adopts 26+5+1 blue laser lines and integrates a photogrammetric module. Taking into account speed, accuracy and details, which will provide users with professional solutions that can be applied to different size scanning scenarios, and perform metrology-grade accuracy inspection, reverse design, additive manufacturing and other applications.
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FreeScan UE Pro brings a new world of benefits to life

Patented built-in scale bar photogrammetry module increases volumetric accuracy
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Metrology-Grade High Accuracy

Accuracy up to 0.02mm, delivers consistent scanning results with high precision.
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Global Precision Control

Integrated photogrammetry function no need to arrange coding points, quickly locks the spatial position of target frame in large scene.
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Multiple Scanning Modes

13 cross laser lines to scan the large object quickly, 5 parallels laser lines to scan the fine details and single laser line for deep hole and narrow area scanning.
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Easy Operation

Inherited the lightweight and ergonomic design of UE series, the guided software interface enable an easy operation and shorten the learning curve for any unexperienced users.
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Wide Range of Material Adaptations

Supporting the black and high-reflective surface material scanning, reduce powder spraying, scan more efficiently.
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Fine and Rich Details

With 3.2 Mega pixel high resolution cameras and 5 parallels laser lines, it enables rich feature object scanning and restore fine details more accurate.
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Software Online Update

Freescan UE Pro 3D Scanning software supports software online updating reminding and we offer for free.
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Data Sharing Platform

Just one-click to share the scanning data to Sketchfab platform at your convenience.
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Seamless docking to inspection and design software

The scan data can be imported into the mainstream 3d inspection and design softwares, such as Geomagic Control X, Geomagic DesignX, Verisurf Inspect and etc with one click, improving the workflow efficiency.
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Maximising CMM productivity

Users are free to choose the right combinations of metrology software that best suits their application, maximising productivity.
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Enabling super retrofits

Retrofitting CMM controllers can be easily achieved without additional work and costs. You’ll even be able to run the existing part programmes using your original software.

FreeScan UE Pro Specification


· Repetitive measuring of the same workpiece produces consistent results
· Proven stability and reliability
· Laser accuracy up to 0.04mm
· Rapid scanning and laser scanning
· Ergonomic design for a more efficient and comfortable scanning experience


· Can support scanning of any surface, dark or reflective
· Capable of a wider range of scanning applications

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· The highest resolution and accuracy to meet any industrial application including reverse engineering and measuring
· Minimum point distance of 0.05mm
· Laser accuracy up to 0.04mm
· Rapid scanning and laser scanning
· Ergonomic design for a more efficient and comfortable scanning experience

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Full Colour  

· Featuring a built-in colour camera
· Supports full-colour texture
· Captures and tracks by texture
· Ergonomic design for a more efficient and comfortable scanning experience

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