Verisurf Software

Verisurf Software is a cutting-edge 3D measurement platform for
Inspection manufacturing and reverse engineering, delivering the most advanced, user-friendly interface to date.

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Unparalleled functionality to drive all of your measurement needs

Tailor-made to make the ideal package for your 3D measurement devices, application and budget,
Verisurf software is perfect for any engineering / manufacturing site.
The Verisurf software platform is built for manufacturing inspection,
tool building and reverse engineering applications, with ease of use at its heart.
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Portable Measurement Arms

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Laser Trackers

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Optical Scanners

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Camera Systems

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Verisurf software’s benefits are infinite

The suite of products within this incredible metrology software solution enables wide-ranging operability. You can complete almost any measurement task within Verisurf software solution. The open platform is designed for full organisation compatibility, allowing you to:

·  Complete all measurement tasks, including offline
·  Inspection to any CAD drawing or model format
·  Create reports and model parts
·  Export data to your preferred format
·  Align to any desired assembly or part
·  Connect to machines and most 3D measuring devices
·  View designs in the most modern 3D visualisation
·  Reverse engineer any shape, part or product
·  Advanced surface and waviness analysis
·  Achieve industry 4.0 automation


Verisurf Software Modules

Metrology - Verisurf Measure image

Verisurf Measure

Verisurf Measure is the metrology tool for feature-based part inspection. Interfacing in real-time with any measuring device including stationary and portable CMMs, laser trackers, laser scanners and more.

Metrology - Verisurf Universal CMM

Verisurf Universal CMM

Verisurf Universal CMM is a software-only solution that enables seamless communication between Verisurf AUTOMATE and popular CMM and head controllers.

Metrology - Verisurf AUTOMATE


Verisurf AUTOMATE programs and operates CMMs faster, easier and at a lower cost with a3D CAD measurement platform that automates all types and brands of coordinate measuring machines.

Metrology - Verisurf CAD

Verisurf CAD

A powerful CAD-based inspection platform for industrial applications. Verisurf CAD platform reads all native CAD file formats and works with any CAD model, including solid, surface, wireframe and drawing files.

Metrology - Verisurf reverse

Verisurf Reverse

 Verisurf Reverse provides a complete suite of tools for the re-engineering process. Using measured data from any measuring device, Verisurf Reverse will automatically create precise CAD models.

Metrology - Verisurf  Build / inspect

Verisurf Build/Inspect

Real-time, model-based inspection and assembly. Known as the Virtual Gage, Verisurf Build displays deviation with the probe's movement as you inspect the part concerning the nominal CAD model.

Metrology - Verisurf analysis

Verisurf Analysis

A robust, controlled offline solution comparing inspection data to the nominal CAD model. Verisurf Analysis lets you import the nominal CAD model and compare it against both internal and vendor inspection data.

Metrology - Verisurf projection

Verisurf Projection

Fast, efficient laser projector programming. Verisurf Laser Projection allows you to select CAD geometry and create laser projection programs from any native CAD file format.

Metrology - Verisurf software development kit  (SDK)

Verisurf Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Verisurf Software Development Kit (or “SDK”) provides a flexible programming environment specifically designed for creating customised dimensional metrology applications that enable manufacturing automation.

Metrology - Verisurf Validate

Verisurf Validate

Verisurf Validate provides precise CAD model translation validation by comparing the authority CAD model to the translated CAD model, enabling manufacturers to quickly identify any translation error.

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